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Shrub Oak Custom Framing is pleased to announce “Essence”…
an exhibition of original artwork by Frank Detrich
in the DeWindt Gallery at Shrub Oak Custom Framing November 10, 2013 through December 15, 2013

Frank has been painting professionally since 1979 although his love of art and painting began when he was a child.
After serving 4 years in the U.S. Air Force from 1957 through 1961, Frank attended The Cooper Union in New York City and graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1967. He practiced architecture for the next 15 years on the East Coast, particularly in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania.
Frank’s first gallery exhibition was in 1981 with continuous representation through 1991 at the Trisdonn Gallery in NYC, the Beman Gallery in Nyack, New York, and the Amann Gallery in Palm Beach, Florida with additional exhibitions at the Salmagundi Club in NYC and the Copley Society in Boston, Massachusetts.
Frank exhibited nationally from 1992 through 2004 under the representation of Marc Rosenbaum (formerly with Knoedler Galleries of New York). He continues to exhibit in galleries and at art shows, successfully selling his works and receiving commissions to produce for private collections. Currently Frank is exhibiting at the Virginia Barrett Gallery in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Artist Statement

I am drawn to a particular place by what I can only describe as a sense of timelessness, peacefulness and universality. I often return to the same spot over the course of days, weeks, months, sometimes years before feeling ready to paint it. Although I do not work from them, I reference my visits with photographs, primarily to help recall my experience of being there as I paint in the studio.

When I paint I try to impose myself as little as possible. I simply immerse myself in the process and, guided by memory, try to recreate my experience of being there; the light, the air, the space, the season, the quality of the day. There is a meditative quality about working in this unhurried way, letting the painting tell me what it needs and watching it unfold until it is finished.

If I am successful the finished work will hold true to my memory, and anyone who cares to look can share my experience and be there with me.
Frank Detrich

Shrub Oak Custom Framing is honored to announce “Interpretation”… a return engagement of artwork by John Bartolotta together with our first showing of artwork by Michael Mangino in the DeWindt Gallery at Shrub Oak Custom Framing June 2, through July 14, 2013…
with a Memorial week meet the artist reception on Sunday June 2, 2013 between 1pm and 5pm.

John and Michael are Vietnam War Veterans who served our country honorably and with distinction.
John served as a U.S. Marine and Michael in the U.S Air Force.
Words are inherently limited, although the following may express the integration of experience in the lives of John and Michael subsequent to Vietnam:

“Society teaches us that suffering is an enemy. We are constantly encouraged to reject what is unpleasant, disappointing or difficult. “What’s all this suffering? Let’s be happy! Have fun!” But our suffering is not our enemy. It is only through a relationship with our pain, our sadness, that we reach the other side, that we truly can know and touch the opposite, which is our pleasure, our joy and our happiness.

“I often relate to my emotional suffering as though it were a physical pain. When I feel physical pain, society pushes me… to relieve it, not to touch it, not to explore it or seek to understand it. I am conditioned to make every effort to avoid discomfort. I went through a long period of my life living from this conditioning… I couldn’t feel my physical pain or my emotional or spiritual pain – at the same time, it was also impossible for me to touch genuine joy, or healing, or anything at all. It was just impossible.
“My body is covered with scars from my wars. Every time I look at my body, touch one of these scars, I touch against the reality of war, and when I touch the reality of war, I touch all the suffering that is intrinsic to war. In the past, when I felt pain from a scar, I tried to repress it, to hide it from myself. But the physical wounds are not the most significant wounds of war. The wounds of the soul, the spiritual wounds, the emotional wounds – they are far deeper, though less obvious. And they are much more unpleasant to look at.
“Can I imagine a time in the future when these scars and these experiences will dissolve, drop away, so that I will finally be free?
This is not actually a condition of freedom. I’m free right now. Because I can acknowledge that the scars are there… I no longer wish for them to be any different from what they are. Don’t get me wrong. I spent a long time wishing that the scars of my life would just go away. But the more I wished for this, the crazier I felt. Because the reality is that my scars are part of me, like my own hand. I needed to learn to acknowledge them and to live with them in peace and harmony.” At Hell’s Gate: A Soldier’s Journey from War to Peace, by Claude Anshin Thomas.

Artist Statements

Life to canvas…. artistic representation of my senses, thoughts, emotions and inspirations.
The creator within, emancipates, empowers, joyfully intoxicates and breathes life to canvas with each brush stroke.
As colors and hues leave my brush I am keyholder to private worlds, deciding whether they are filled with, darkness, lightness, softness, vibrancy, peacefulness, violence or a symphonic mix of all.
Life is my canvas…

John Bartolotta

My artwork presented in various mediums including pen and ink, oil, watercolor, and graphite is joyous expression of events shaping my life and homage to inspirational family and friends. Most importantly, to Loretta, Gwen, Mark, Jenna and Jon-Paul my deepest gratitude for your love and invaluable support.

Michael Mangino

Shrub Oak Custom Framing is pleased to announce “Landscapes and Seascapes with Atmosphere” an exhibit of paintings in water color by Bernard Zeller in our DeWindt Gallery December 16, 2012 through January 20, 2013

Mr. Zeller, a German native, is President Emeritus of the New York Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra and an award winning concert violinist.
Bernard’s awards include a gold medal at the International Broadcast Competition in Bordeaux, France and first prize at the Jeuness Musical, Weikersheim, Germany. After his first prize win at the International Broadcast competition in Bordeaux, Bernard was awarded the D.A.A.D. Scholarship (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst) from the German government to continue his studies in the United States with Oscar Shumsky at The Julliard School of Music. Making New York his home he joined Leopold Stokowski’s American Symphony Orchestra as principal violinist.
Bernard has solo recordings with Helmut Rilling’s Gachinger Kantorei. His solo engagements have been with the American Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, the Mozart Festival Orchestra and the New York Concerto Orchestra at Lincoln Center.
He has broadcast live performances from the Sender Freies Berlin, Germany, WQXR New York and at the Moscow Radio Station.
Bernard performed with many orchestras including the New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, American Ballet Theater Orchestra, Norwestdeutsche Philharmonie, Orchestra of St. Luke’s, Musica Sacra, Musica Aeterna, Opera Orchestra of New York, Brooklyn Philharmonic, Martha Graham Dance Theater, and the Gala of Stars on PBS.
Bernard has been a judge for and advisor to the National PTA Cultural Arts Program, as well as a faculty member at Rowan University and C.W. Post.

Bernard’s interest in producing fine art is the result of his career. Fascination with sonic imagery, tonal colors, theoretical structure and the interplay of musical instruments and musicians begat a complimentary endeavor to express through watercolor painting the visual richness, vibration, and spirit of European as well as Hudson Valley landscapes and coastal seascapes.

Mr. Zeller is a member of the Lower Hudson Plein Air Painters and has studied with renowned artists Jeanne Demotses, Joann Zwolski, Hannah Ineson and Evelyn Dunphy. He finds profound inspiration in the artworks of Emil Nolde, JMW Turner, and John Singer Sargent.

Bernard’s artwork has exhibited in juried exhibitions in Europe and locally at the Belle Levine Arts Center and the Ossining Arts Council.

Artist Statement
“Thrilled by the magical majesty of color, shape and light playing upon landscape and seascape…
enraptured by spiritual atmosphere… I attempt to convey with watercolor the gift of these views.”

Shrub Oak Custom Framing is pleased to announce “Six Visions” an exhibit of paintings in oil by Will Kefauver and friends
Kay Cocozza, Diana Dopman, Marisol Garcia, Sean Tabet and John Tjia
October 7, 2012 through November 1, 2012.

Will Kefauver returned to painting after many years as an illustrator, then graphic designer, then art director and executive in the publishing industry.

His first love is the landscape and the colors and shapes defined by the changing light. Of particular fascination is the abstraction found in nature — whether in the forms of clouds doused by light or the interwoven branches of barren trees.

He studied at Whittier College and the Katonah Arts Center and has both studied and been an instructor at the School of Visual Arts. His course of study has included instruction from Robert Speier, Milton Glaser, William P. Duffy and Jock MacRae.

Among the artists who’ve influenced him most significantly, Will cites Corot for his use of atmospheric perspective, Frank Benson for the energy of his composition and Wolf Kahn, who can find color anywhere.

Kefauver’s work has been selected for appearance in juried shows across the country. He has received awards from the National Society of Artists, the Lake Wales Arts Council, the Art Director’s Club, the American Institute of Graphic Arts and The One Show. His work has been featured in Art Direction, Advertising Techniques and Idea magazines. One of his recent shows was featured in a full-page article in the North County News, a Westchester, New York paper.

Will can often be found in a field or on a hilltop — painting in oils, en plein air. His work depicts the moods of the landscapes of New York and New England, from the apple trees of a Westchester orchard to the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard.

Artists’ Statement

Light is the source of all painting, nature changing in moments and always new. Each rock, tree and meadow is repainted with each tick of the clock and the job is to snatch the right moment from the changing gallery presented.

Through surface, the painting becomes an object of its own, itself changing with each movement of light. Carrying the work from room to room, outside and in; each gives a painting a new light of its own.

Color, new, too, with every new stroke of the brush. Each new stroke presenting a relationship changed from those coming before. The first washes and daubs produce massive change in those relationships; successive ones offer more subtle shifts until, toward the end, only nuance. The process of “sorting it out.”

These are the tools: light, surface and color. Through these, I work to make my paintings recollections of places you may have been, may have wanted to be, moments in a day fondly remembered.

Painting helps me hold on to my own memories of places and moments. Though many times I use photos as reference, these are views from the hillside I’ve wandered, the beach I’ve walked and the rain I’ve felt on my face.

Through the act of painting I can be in these times again.

Through painting, I can bring form to my memories and relive a time in the fog on the beach, a crisp afternoon on a farm or in the mountains. These are the parts of life I can bring to canvas and they allow a touching others and a sharing of my wonder that I could have seen that cloud or felt that wave.

Pat Spina… “Travels”

Posted on January 6th, 2012

Shrub Oak Custom Framing is delighted to announce “Travels”… an exhibition of photography
by Pat Spina in the DeWindt Gallery at Shrub Oak Custom Framing January 22, 2012
through March 2, 2012

Pat’s abiding love for photography and the methods used to produce and print photos began in the 1980’s. He studied hard and practiced diligently to develop the requisite skills.
Pleased with the results of his efforts and encouraged by the interest shown in his work, Pat presented his artwork and was accepted for exhibition in a number of galleries. Pat’s photographs have been used in sports and auto racing publications and are in private collections locally and throughout the U.S.

Through the 1990’s and until recently Pat traveled the United States with his wife Joanne. Travel was mostly by motorcycle which is another one of his passions. They visited most of the Western States and our great National Parks with a focus on small town and rural America. Although Pat was not chronicling their experiences with photographs, he found himself viewing all destinations with a photographer’s eye.

Now Pat rides his motorcycle locally, digital camera (Nikon D-7000) at the ready. Dutchess County, NY is filled with beautiful sights, interesting nooks, stunning vistas and marvelous people. It has become Pat’s favorite county to photograph as it reminds him of the wondrous places he and Joanne sought out and visited during their travels.

Artist Statement

“I continually look through camera lens hoping to capture the joyful spirit and light I feel flowing from, into and around my photographic subjects. If my images convey this spirit, this light, I am thankful.”

We believe Pat’s photographic artistry will captivate you as it has us…